The EEC Series of Books on Perpetual Motion Largest Exploration of Perpetual Motion Ever Undertaken
The EEC Series of Books on Perpetual Motion
Bessler (Orffyreus) og hans Perpetual Motion Hjul og Maskiner
Bessler (Orffyreus) és a Perpetual Motion Kerekek és gépek
Bessler (Orffyreus) i jego Perpetual Motion Koa i Maszyn

18 Volumes on Perpetual Motion Containing more than 7000 pages

Volume 1 Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis, Rejuvenating Perpetual Motion For A New World and Realizing the Dream of Free Energy. The Greatest Exploration of Perpetual Motion Ever Taken In the Light of Basic Essentials of Vedic Thermodynamics


Volume 2: Why to Live with Less Energy? We Want Free Energy. Primary Sources of Energy and Their Limitations

Gravity Motor: Golden Road to Unlimited Power


Volume 3: “Wisdom of Vedas and Follies and Myths of Science” A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics. Exploring Philosophical, Astronomical and Cosmological Foundations of Perpetual Motion in Vedas


Volume 4: The Journey of Man: From Understanding of Motion to Perpetual Motion, Basic Fundamentals of Perpetual Motion


Volume 5: The Suppression of Inventor and Crucifixion of Perpetual Motion


 Volume 6: The Mystery of Dynamic Universe: As A Perpetual Process, Exploring Intelligent Design Argument


 Volume 7: Truth of Perpetual Motion and Limitations of Science, Exploring Ancient Wisdom


Volume 8: No Flaws in Laws of Allah! But Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong? Exploring Bad Science


Volume 9: The Story of Man’s Hunt For Free Motive Power and Energy, Perpetual Motion Retold, From Discovery to Innovation. Part I History of Perpetual Motion in Ancient and Medieval Times  


Volume 10: The Story of Man’s Hunt For Free Motive Power and Energy, Perpetual Motion Retold, From Discovery to Innovation. Part II History of Perpetual Motion Since Renaissance  


Volume 11: Councilor Orffyreus. Forgotten Inventor of Perpetual Motion, The Man Who Could Have Revolutionized the World.


Volume 12: “The Law of Conservation Of Energy: A Long Stride on a Wrong Path” Part I Development of Mechanics


Volume 13: “The Law of Conservation Of Energy: A Long Stride on a Wrong Path, Part II Development of Thermodynamics and Modern Physics


Volume 14: Free Energy Revolution, A Brief History of Free Energy, Making the Dream of Free Energy A Reality


Volume 15: A Treatise on Design of Gravity Perpetual Motion, “Free Energy from Gravity: The Golden Road to Unlimited Power, From Discovery to Innovation


Volume 16: “Energy From Nothing”, Perpetual Motion Bridges Science, Technology and Religion


Volume 17: How Did It Happen? The Brief Story of My Journey of Perpetual Motion


Volume 18: The Loud Cry of A Perpetual Motionist. Is He a Crackpot or genius?  An Enquiry Into The Methods, Philosophy And Life Of A Perpetual Motion Inventor


Dr. Ramesh Menaria's entire EEC series of books with 18 titles fills up more than 7000 pages. Contents and page numbers of EEC series of books are subject to minor changes as all the 18 manuscripts are being edited and reedited until they finally get published by Deva publishers.

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1 Home: Bessler (Orffyreus) and his Perpetual Motion Wheels and Machines


2 Young Orffyreus


3 His Inspiring Dream


4 His Major Perpetual Motion Wheels


5 The Perpetual Motion Wheel Built in Zera


6 The Perpetual Motion Wheel Built in  Draschwitz


7 Wandering Orffyreus (Bessler)


8 Orffyreus’ (Bessler) Perpetual Motion Wheel Built in Mersbergh


9 The Examination of Perpetual Motion Wheels by Experts in Mersbergh


10 Orffyreus Destroyed his  Mersebergh Perpetual Motion Wheel


11 Count Karl, Leibniz and Orffyreus


12 The Perpetual Motion Wheel built at the Castle of  Weissenstein


13 Landgrave of Hesse-cassel, Count Karl Watched the Secret


14 Examination of Weissenstein Perpetual Motion Wheel by A Board of Examiners consisting of Distinguished Men


15 Eye Witnesses of Weissenstein’s Perpetual Motion Wheel


16 Dialogues at the Castle of Weissenstein Wheel


17 Orffyreus Destroyed His Weissenstein’s Perpetual Motion  Wheel in a Frenzy


18 Contract with Czar Peter the Great


19 Conspiracy by Gartner and His Maidservant


20 Death of Count Karl, Landgrave of Hesse-kassel


21 Death of Orffyreus (Bessler)  1745


22 Drawings of Orffyreus’ Perpetual  Motion Wheels


23 The Book Apologia Poetica Written by Orffyreus (Bessler)


24 The Book “Triumphans Perpetuum Mobile Orffyreanum” Written by Orffyreus (Bessler)


25 The Book “Maschinen Tractate” Written by Bessler (Orffyreus)


26 Quality of Evidence and Conclusions about Orffyreus’ (Bessler) Perpetual Motion Wheels


27 Orffyreus  Times


28 False Speculations and Weird Explanations about Perpetual Motion Wheels and Machines Built by  Orffyreus (Bessler)


29 Where Does Energy Come From?


30 A Tribute to Orffyreus (Bessler)


31 Links to Perpetual Motion


32 Books on Perpetual Motion


33 Articles on Perpetual Motion


34 What’s New?


35 Acknowledgements


36 Frequently Asked Questions about Orffyreus (Bessler) and His Perpetual Motion Wheels


37 More Zones


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39 Orffyreus (Bessler) Discussion Forum


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